Studio One Eleven

The Linden

Location: Long Beach, CA
Client: Sares-Regis Group
Type: Housing
Certification: LEED Silver
The Latest Addition to a Revitalized, Community-Oriented Neighborhood in Downtown Long Beach

The Linden is a new multi-family development located within the East Village, a 5-minute walk to restaurants, shops, offices and public transit. Located next to Long Beach Transit lines and the Metro Blue Line, the development is lessening dependence on automobiles. Furthermore, the development is also located near dedicated bikeways throughout Long Beach that connect to neighboring cities.

The Linden is also part of the greater development of the surrounding area on 4th Street and Linden Avenue, with Studio One Eleven playing a large role in the redesign and revitalization of the area. A dining parklet, façade improvements to the businesses on both sides of the street, and now the multi-family development bring new life into the city's East Village Arts District.

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