Studio One Eleven

SteelCraft Garden Grove

Location: Garden Grove, CA
Client: Howard CDM
Type: Commercial, Landscape
Size: 9,893 SF
The Most Recent in a Series of Shipping Container Food Halls that Attract Independent Retailers, Encourage Social Cohesion, and Boost Local Economies

A 20,000-square-foot, al-fresco, neighborhood dining experience located at 12900 Euclid Street, this is the first SteelCraft in Orange County. Twenty-four repurposed cargo containers are positioned around communal eating areas on a 1.8-acre lot along with a children’s play area, co-working space, upper-level patio, retro video-game arcade, pop-up retail and an organic garden.

The containers house eleven curated vendors: craft food, coffee and beer brewers, dessert, retail and a winery (soon to come). The upstairs creative office space is 320 square feet with an adjacent second-story dining patio that can be leased out for private events.

Every detail is beautifully executed, including multiple cantilevered containers and a second-story balcony. The video-game arcade offers games from the golden era of gaming and includes Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Centipede, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter 2, Claw Machine and Simpsons.

"If food-truck meet-ups were the thing in 2010, shipping containers that have been converted into commercial kitchens are the latest rage. Position them surrounding a common area, and you have a foodie fort ready for invasion by hungry people." - OC Weekly

In the chef’s garden, passion fruit vines, citrus and herb ground cover are cultivated for restaurant use. The passion fruit is harvested by Honey & Butter restaurant as an ingredient for its macarons. Planned for the center of the garden is a raised area with a communal table set among herbs, spices, flowers and seasonal vegetables. The re-purposed containers are cost-effective; they can be assembled quickly; they are well-suited for local, independent vendors; and they efficiently transform underused parcels into thriving destinations.

Projects Awards
APA California Planning Awards- Urban Design Merit Award
APA Orange County - Award of Excellence

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