Studio One Eleven

Fourth & Central

Location: Downtown Los Angeles
Client: Continuum Partners and LA Cold Storage
Type: Mixed-Use Development
Size: 7.6 acres; over 2 million SF of Residential, Creative Office, Retail and Hotel
Master planning, project architecture, and landscape design by Studio One Eleven, with two marquee buildings designed by Adjaye Associates.
Dynamic placemaking. Housing for all.

Fourth & Central aerial view at dusk. Master planning and project architecture by Studio One Eleven, with tower at right by Adjaye Associates.

Studio One Eleven’s open and flexible master plan for Fourth & Central connects with the neighborhood, providing diverse buildings, a rich mix of uses, and abundant green space – all human-scaled and accessible.

A key driver for the Fourth & Central is addressing the City’s housing shortage and affordability imbalance with a significant residential component that will create a new source of much-needed housing across a range of affordability levels.

Vicinity map

The site represents the constant evolution of Downtown Los Angeles. During the 1800s, this was the Southern Pacific Rail Depot site, a cold storage facility, and a mix of other uses. With the closing of the rail depot in 1939, the site transitioned to an expanded cold storage facility in the post-WWII years.

Historic aerial drawing of the site area circa 1909

Former Southern Pacific Rail Station along Alameda Street

Existing Conditions

“Fourth & Central is part of the evolution of DTLA into a dense, walkable, bikeable, and durable 21-century community that preserves the character and history of the neighborhood. We’re thrilled to have an opportunity to add a mix of housing options and community-minded placemaking so close to the job-producing and creative core of Los Angeles.”
Mark Falcone, CEO and Founder, Continuum Partners

Within the master plan, Studio One Eleven and Adjaye Associates individually designed an assemblage of ten buildings, with a mix of uses that reflect the area’s dynamic character and weaves the development back into the fabric of the adjacent neighborhood. The buildings comprise a broad range of heights, massing, and architectural styles to create diversity and interest.

A system of alleyways, plazas, and passages connects the development, creating a cohesive environment that blends into the surrounding urban context. The porous open space aims to promote pedestrian and multimodal connections while enhancing walkability and access throughout the neighborhood.

Proposed Site Plan

Commercial uses are located strategically throughout the project area to create a livable community that serves workers, visitors, and residents alike. Ground-floor programming will feature a variety of neighborhood-serving retail stores and restaurants.

Fourth & Central central courtyard

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