2nd Street Study

Location: Long Beach, CA
Client: N/A
Type: Streetscape, Study
The most successful retail street in Long Beach

Second Street is considered the most successful retail street in Long Beach. Known for its prestigious stores and concentration of food, beverage and entertainment venues, the street maintains a healthy balance of national retailers and ‘Mom & Pop’ shops. Click here to view the full 2nd Street Study presented by Studio One Eleven.

Studio One Eleven analyzed the components that make a successful shopping district, including retail configurations, uses, demographics and transportation and parking. The study, which was conducted over a five year period, analyzes changes in ground floor retailers, improved mobility efforts and varying neighborhood demographics and densities.

By coupling the analysis with empirical data and opinions from area experts, the study serves as an analytical guide of a present-day, successful, traditional retail street. The research efforts aim to assist cities, BIDs, architects, retailers and researchers.

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